CRACK international art residency

CRACK International Art Camp (CIAC) in South Asian countries

CRACK Trust’s journey has witnessed gradual consolidation and development of ideas grounded in the spirit of exploration, exchange and collective experience. It focuses on promoting young artists and thinkers by giving them space and momentum for flourishing their talent on an international basis. Through various activities, it facilitates exchanges of thoughts, ideas, concepts and beliefs of artists and other creative professionals around the world. CRACK Trust organizes two programs annually: CRACK International Art Camp (CIAC) and Connecting Youngsters: CRACK Summer camp. A core team of activists plays organizing roles in executing these programs. On its journey, CRACK has developed a strong network of associated artists in the world, especially in South Asian countries.

It aims to provide culture practitioners across the world with the philosophical basis to think independently and collaborate on mutually interesting overlaps. Involvement with the multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural participants invariably clicks fresh, positive and new ideas to everyone engaged in the process. Sharing and caring for cross-cultural art is also aimed at the establishment of an eco-friendly platform that takes into account the oneness of planet earth that we all share equally.

CRACK International Art Camp (CIAC) is held every year at Kushtia, a south-western district of Bangladesh. CIAC is designed to engage participants from various artistic disciplines to take part in a collective creative-spree outside the confine of the urban social relations and the arts that proliferate within that boundary. Conceived as a multi-disciplinary art camp, it is a way to reinforce the principle of collectivized, localized form of artistic production. It actually provides the participants with opportunities to mingle with each other and be inspired to address the pressing issues of the present through creative actions. Each year we proceed with a call for entry with camp curator’s note on respective year’s theme. The camp is being held from 25 to 30 December every year. It closes with an open day on December 30. A unique dimension has developed with the inception of this camp in that community. Now local community participates in the camp activity and public art projects. Vibrant community engagement has added greater meaning and flavor to this international art camp.

Jointly curated by Rajarshi Das Gupta from India and Shawon Akand from Bangladesh. Participants included Anil Prajapati (Nepal), Bibhu Nath (India), Hiroko Tsukamoto (Japan), Kamal Pruthi (India), Mahesh Bastakoti (Nepal), Mariva Zacharof (Greece), Mohan Jangid (India), Muna Bhadel (Nepal), Pavitra Mehta (USA), Pramila Lama (Nepal), Rupsa Kundu (India), Sohini Sengupta (India) and from Bangladesh – Anadi Boiragi, Farah Naz Moon, Mahadi Masud, Mridul Kanti Goshami, Sultana Sharmin Akhi, Tahmina Hafiz Lisa and Zahid Hossain Sago


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