Voices of the Wall

About the Project

Voices of the wall

This project aims to help children find an expression and voice ‘visually’ through mediums of storytelling and art making, and introducing them to ‘Public Art’ practices.

Project Venue – Nirmal Seva- Guru Nanak Garib Niwaj Education Society

This school located in South Delhi’s Greater Kailash II provides education, food and other basic needs for students coming from under privileged communities and different religious backgrounds in the vicinity, mostly from the Govindpuri JJ cluster.

About the project – Initiating the project we will interact and build dialogues with a group of about 25 children in the school from age group 12 to 14 years- Issues that are financially or socially driven, or concerns from an individual and gendered identity, or family and community wise. This project intervenes into their thoughts and problems through art to reinvent an expression and voice of their own that can be delivered creatively. It will help them discuss these problems, initiating a process towards making art and expression public to reach a wider audience at the same time.

Further, children will be initiated into recognizing their concerns and thereon be introduced to storytelling activities and art, after which they will define characters of their story, plot these characters in a story and paint the story on a wall in their own school. For example, they can bring up issues of sanitation in their slums, or girls can bring up issues around menstruation or practices of child marriage back in their villages. Issues like eve teasing, discrimination of various kinds, gender/social can also be discussed. The stories will be in the form of conversations discussing these issues and establishing themselves into public memory.

Visual language is one language that surpasses any other form of language and lingual barriers. It reaches, impacts and communicates to a larger public at the same time and this project sees art and storytelling as an empowering tool to educate and spread awareness as well as revisiting/intervening the private and the public. The participating children will be provided with a set of art supplies at end of the project such that they can take it further to their homes, paint walls or floors in and around their houses. This will help them educate and sensitize a larger public, also add some interesting visual elements and aesthetics in their surroundings to initiate a process of building public conscience.

The facilitator will be in constant touch with the participants who will be mentored, encouraged and inspired to make their own stories on the walls of their homes. The pictures they share will be documented by the facilitator and the whole process will be exhibited and discussed at our centre at A4A.

About the Facilitator

Mansi is a practising visual artist who explores the connections between self and every day through various mediums of art practice. Her work has been a part of various exhibitions, residencies and private collections across India. As an art educator, she has facilitated various workshops for children to adults. Currently, she has been granted a fellowship as an art educator with Happy Hands Foundation for their Story Tellers Collective.

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