Wheel of Wisdom

Wheel of Wisdom

About the Project

Wheel of Wisdom



A site-specific installation and an interactive art project are planned by a group of artists to reach out to the citizens/locals/passer-byes.

The project will be interspersed by placing an iron roller designed and made by the Artist. The roller will have moveable and adjustable buttons marked with English alphabets set in rows and columns.  The installation will be placed at a public park or an area which is easily accessible for the locals.

Literacy rate in the under-privileged class is still a lot less than it should be. The ‘Wheel of Wisdom’, in a light tone, will spread the importance and benefits of education in today’s world. With the moving roller and adjustable alphabets, people will be able to form sentences, words, phrases and hence spreading knowledge to their peers who would not know much. This will raise curiosity, interest, and enthusiasm amongst children and adults to learn and know more.

The social objective here is to make people wake up and realise; to take action, if not big, even in their own small ways that could make a difference in the long run. This is a call for acknowledging, spreading the awareness, and instigating a public discourse on the urgent and serious threats to our youth because of lack of education.



A vast part of our country is still unaware of the importance of Education. The literacy rate is much less than what it should be. The under-privileged class is oblivious of the importance and the benefits of education in today’s world. Hence, lack of essentialities in our society.



Awareness and Importance of Education but with an indirect approach- Making learning fun

The programme is aimed at creating awareness about the importance of education with a playful and interactive element to it. Be it kids or adults, the enthusiasm and excitement can be the driving force. And our aim is to raise this driving force amongst the sect which takes them ahead towards the path of education and knowledge.

About the Artist

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