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Public art has been a subject close to our hearts and our organization, Arts4All, which, besides running residencies for the past 6 years, has been attempting to initiate an interest through some of its projects with the modest resources generated. Public art is an ignored topic in our country, misinterpreted and unheard of to many besides being marginalized by the art community itself. Tracing Art in Public (TAP) is an effort to reach out to people and to try and widen the horizons in the minds of the public about art in public spaces. The idea is to engage the public and to generate interest in public art projects in India, and mutually engage and initiate an open debate amongst artists, local communities and the public to look at shared environments in distinctive ways.


The magazine, first of its kind, is dedicated to reflecting art in the eye of the public as it unfolds. TAP aims to be a vital resource for artists, academics, students, researchers, arts administrators, those working in related fields and all who are interested in visual culture. It is a consolidated site wherein people interested in public art can visit and know about various public art events. Since it may not be feasible to physically visit a particular project each time, a virtual visit on the site will give access to information, possible from wherever you are. After all, it is the soft power of art and culture that has a ripple effect on growth and development strategies that simultaneously helps towards social cohesion in the current multicultural global society.

Tracing Art in Public (TAP) is an online magazine and an interactive media platform for public art that explores new modalities of viewership and public participation. We are a live archive displaying the plethora of public art practices in the South Asia region. As a website TAP combines editorial content, curated feeds, and user generated content. It also engages with a variety of practices including community art projects, residencies, exhibitions, talks, and workshops around the subject of public art. We engage with projects unfolding in the present, as well as historising the development of public art and encouraging critical commentary as we aim to expand the definitions of a site, public art, and the magazine itself, guiding TAP’s content and programming.

As a part of our commitment to Public Art, and building a sustainable future for Public Art practice TAP and A4A (Arts 4 All) have collaborated to create TAPPABLE, which is conceived as a meeting ground between artists and funders of public art. TAPPABLE is an enabling platform for public art projects working closely with the needs of an artist to find platforms and financial support necessary to empower such projects. With South Asia as our focal region, Central, West, and South East Asia, fall into our vision. These trans-zonal tracings are crucial to the manner in which TAP imagines itself and its future.

The Team


Puja Bahri


Puja Bahri is a visual artist working in the field of arts for community domain besides also spokesperson for Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee and co- Director at The Create Studio- a permanent space for creative workshops for kids and adults, as well as one of the two founding members of Arts4All Trust a not for profit organization. Puja lives in Delhi and works from her studio in the city. Know more




Delhi based independent arts consultant & curator of cultural projects, Archana B. Sapra is Co-founder and Trustee of Arts4All – a not for profit organization and one of the two Directors at The Create Studio & A4A Baithak – a centre for exhibitions, research and workshops, supported by Arts4All Trust. Both the organizations aim to promote dialogue across cultures and engage with contemporary art as well as design, film, and performing arts. Know more


Manmeet K. Walia


Manmeet K. Walia is a self-taught artist and has been in the creative line of work for a few years now. She has taken several national and international courses from the well-known masters in the field of Art. Her works are in various collections some of which include the International museum of Hue in Vietnam, The Taj Group etc. She is also a writer and has been associated with newspapers and magazines for almost a decade.


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A Delhi based digital agency with expertise in providing complete 360° digital solutions. Their gamut of work includes digital development as well as marketing wherein they strategize, conceptualize, design and execute ideas. Know more

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